Welcome friends! Family is everything to me. As a young girl, I dreamed of being a teacher, a traveler, a writer, and more than anything, a mother. I never saw any of those dreams as mutually exclusive, but rather completely inclusive, each one empowering the next.  Thank heavens for that! I worked hard to travel and see the world, dedicated myself to my studies, and have loved teaching and connecting with people everywhere as I raise my family with my best friend and husband.

We get to live and travel in many places, and I am learning along with my children that resilience can be strengthened, and that lasting friendships are everywhere we give our heart and hands.  I believe in loving and living deeply everywhere we go.

In all of our travels, I have taught, performed, studied and researched, written and shared, and have learned that people everywhere have incredible potential and power for good. As I have welcomed success in the things I love, I find so much joy in sharing and helping others reach their goals and dreams.

I love the works of Bach and Beethoven. I love the mountains, and I seek out the best flower shops and hidden gems wherever we go. Macarons are my favorite.  The never-ending task of laundry is my least favorite, and restarting–restarting the things that get lost during our moves, like fulfilling violin practice, deeper study and meditation, and working out.  I am a work in progress, always.  And thank heavens for progress.

I feel passionate that we each have a calling and purpose to our life, and that all the verses of our “song” don’t need to be performed at the same time. My hope with my presence here, is that others will be inspired to dream, to speak up and out, to do good, and to be excited about loving and learning, and sharing, and to be gentle with themselves.