Translation Project

  What was it like to have a private lesson or be part of a masterclass with world-famous violinist Henryk Szeryng? In “The Art of Violin”, the reader is transported back in time to a course written and taught by Szeryng in July of 1959 at the International Academy of Music in Nice. Szeryng shared basic steps in the art of violin, as well as a discussion on the principle faults of all violinists and how to correct them. The course included his carefully drawn out musical examples from Bach, Brahms, Kreisler and Mendelssohn to illustrate his technique, giving the reader application of the concepts he taught.

Translated from the original French to English, this book is especially careful to convey Szeryng’s original intent and meaning in language and format. The book also includes printed examples of the musical excerpts mentioned for easier recognition by the reader, as well as photographs of the original document in French for closer examination.

Every violinist, from beginner to seasoned professional, will find greater mastery of their instrument and benefit from the application of ideas discussed in Henryk Szeryng’s course, “The Art of Violin”.  This book is available through Amazon.