Dream Home

This tub.  I need to be there.  The views, the space, the light, the windows…I swoon.  The designer of this space, Martha Cannon, has been on my radar my whole life…since I was 8.  Someday.  Someday, I will get to have her design a home for me.  I love her style.  Designing a home is […]

Chez Nous, part 1

Chez nous means ‘our house’, or more technically, ‘near us’. It’s such a common phrase in speaking French, and I love the familiarity and intimacy it suggests. Near us, in our hearts, in our home. Chez nous, moving to a new place is a constant and familiar process.  One that we have done oh-so-many times, […]

Talent is…

“You are so talented!” Have you heard this before? Anyone with an outwardly apparent skill likely has, and certainly anyone in the arts. The fruits of the painter, the musician, the carpenter, the crafter, the decorator, the dancer, are always recognized as talent. A younger me would have nodded graciously in agreement at the compliment, “You’re […]

Own Your Effort

(This article was originally published in Ownit Magazine, Issue #3) The Texas heat was oppressive the afternoon I stepped into a surprising mess on the garage floor of our new home.  It was a glowing, golden pool of stickiness that caught me completely off guard.  My eyes followed the amber-colored puddle to thick, yellow lines […]