En Fin (finally!)

I’ve been wanting to hang up my instruments for years and finally made it happen!  Why did I wait so long?  Well, kids.  I have children and always imagined them smashing them in delight like a heavy-metal rockstar.  I did lay down some stern rules for them,”NO TOUCHING! Unless I am with you the whole […]

Keeping Time

My accompanist emailed me the other day asking at what metronome tempo we would perform the Beethoven violin sonata. Marked Allegro con brio puts it in the upper range of fast and lively, but also with brilliance! I set the metronome at 144 and flew through the sixteenth-note runs, and struggled to slow the eighths […]

Ownit Issue #5

The new issue of Ownit Magazine it out today and I couldn’t be happier!  Featuring Women Igniting Change founder, Robbin Jorgensen, CPAA, PCC, this issue is all about women and leadership.  Such a broad topic, but so important.  Women the world over are experiencing a swell and rising tide of belief in their individual and […]