I am a Magpie

“I am such a magpie”, my British friend always says.  She isn’t an obnoxious talker, as the phrase sometimes implies.  She is refined and careful in speech, but she does embody another definition of the phrase–one who collects indiscriminately.  She loves beautiful things: clothes, jewelry, flowers, scents, bags, decorating… She notices beauty and is quick to inquire about […]

Paganini Tabloid Fodder

No doubt Paganini’s astronomical fame spread like wildfire across Europe, fueled by outrageous suppositions and the eccentric and bizarre character that Paganini embodied.  It’s the “fodder” that really drew the crowds, and the serious music critics, musicians, and composers followed in curiosity, and then fascination.  He inspired all to explore the limits of their instruments […]