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Friday Five

  Elf on the Shelf.  This seems to be a polarizing Christmas tradition for mom’s I know.  They either deeply despise the whole concept and anyone who does it, or they are just the opposite and embrace it with levels of creative ability beyond comprehension.  I laugh at the memes that mock the elf and […]

Christmas Concert

Musicians shouldn’t move often.  It takes time to establish and extend roots into a community.  But I do move often which means I pray to connect with the right orchestras and musicians quickly in each new place. For my most recent concert, the stars aligned.  A friend passed my name to someone who was conducting a […]

Friday Five

Friday Five is a quick post of what has been top-of-mind for my family and I this week. Here we go! High School grades.  If you’re a parent of teens, or have been through this stage, do you incentivize grades in your household?  Do you pay for A’s, B’s, etc?  Or do you take away […]

Dream Home

This tub.  I need to be there.  The views, the space, the light, the windows…I swoon.  The designer of this space, Martha Cannon, has been on my radar my whole life…since I was 8.  Someday.  Someday, I will get to have her design a home for me.  I love her style.  Designing a home is […]