More Than I Could Have Hoped For

I picked a word at the beginning of the year.  You know, a word that would be the theme of my year.  Maybe it was a trendy thing, or I saw an inspired instagrammer who shared how their one word had helped them.  Maybe I read a book about choosing a word, I can’t know.  But I picked one that would guide my thoughts and actions.  One that would inspire greatness and fill me with gratitude.  I chose “abundance” and it has been interesting to see how this has played out over the last nine months.

I won’t give a summary on life to this point, but it definitely has been a year of ups and downs, missed goals, a major life change with moving to a new state, again, and interesting turns of events.  Having “abundance” to focus on has made all the difference.

When I missed a few days of violin practice, I turned my thoughts to how grateful I was for the times I do carve out to play, rather than focusing on what I missed.  When saying goodbye to dear associations as we left Texas, I focused on the joy that I ever got to cross paths with such incredible people.  When I missed a milestone or goal in my business, I rejoiced seeing how many small miracles had come together to get me where I am today. When I had emergency jaw surgery right after moving, I was so grateful for my extra income that took the stress out of an already painful time. When I decided to stop teaching private lessons after school, something I have done for 22 years and love deeply, I saw the quality time with my own children during these critical years that I would mourn if I missed.  When my child was sad, disappointed about this military life we live, I felt that heartache with them, and spoke truthfully about how God is in ALL the details of our lives, that He is with us, that He knows our path.

Abundance has filled my heart and soul.  There is no lack, no scarcity, no “not enough” or   “not complete”.  It has guided my core in becoming a better person in all areas of my life. Have I mastered eating healthily? Nope.  Have my practice sessions become masterfully disciplined with profound results? No again.  Am I a perfect mother?  Never.  But, I feel my life differently when my focus is on the abundance of blessings, timing, miracles, forgiveness, faith and optimism for the future that is all around me.

This year, so far, has been marked with feeling so grateful to have each day to try again to be a little better.  My prayers and meditation have been felt more deeply.  The circumstances of my life have not been easier, but my mindset has made all the difference.  It has been more that I could have hoped for.


P.S. Have you followed Rachel Hollis?  She is doing a #last90days challenge and I love it.  We certainly don’t need a huge social community to make significant changes in our lives, but it sure is meaningful to me to cheer on other like-minded individuals who want to give, and do, and be more.  Check it out at



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