Practice Tips for the Holidays

This time of year is the best!  For us musicians, there are so many concerts, gigs and engagements to attend and participate in, it can get a little crazy.  If you’re like me, in addition to the extra material to prepare and perform, there is still a main work or piece you are working on for a date after the holidays.  IMG_2756Right now, I am polishing a Bach Fugue and ironing out the kinks of a Beethoven Sonata, while prepping for several Messiah concerts and other Christmas performances.  In view of this busy season, here are my simple and best tips for practicing and continuing to progress through this holiday season:

  1. No matter what performances and gigs you may have during this season, remember the most important thing is loving on your family and friends.   Long practice hours may be shortened and that’s ok as long as your practice time is focused and efficient.
  2. Time is usually more limited during the holidays so purposeful, efficient, and effective practice are a necessity.  Use Practice Partner to track your progress and time spent within each practice session no matter how long or short.
  3. Always review your practice notes from the previous day.  This will engage your memory and provide direction to your practice from the start.
  4. Play something fun and play for others!  This will keep you sharp and bring happiness to you and your audience.

I hope you have joy in your performing this season and that it fills your heart with light as it brings joy to others.



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